Course “How to Talk to Kids”

“”Why won’t you listen to me? I told you so many times!”

If you find yourself saying (or even shouting!) those words to your child, this course can really help you. I decided to join the course because I found myself arguing with my 3-year-old son far too often. It had become a pattern of him getting frustrated and me not knowing why and therefore getting impatient or even angry.

3 months later, things are not always perfect and yes I still sometimes lose my temper, trying to leave the house on time in the mornings… But I feel much better to equipped to deal with (and to accept!) his feelings, whether negative or positive. To listen and talk to him in a respectful way, encouraging his autonomy while setting the boundaries that he still needs. And to build a better relationship, for a lifetime.”

Kevin, a father of a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old