Psychotherapy for Adults

All people have challenges. Some people look for solutions. In psychotherapy, together we explore these difficulties and find better ways of being. We look for patterns that are so familiar and acceptable but no longer satisfactory, we look for strategies that worked in the past and do not anymore, we find ways to deal with difficulties with the resources that you have. In my work I combine empathetic listening, to make space for your feelings and needs, with confrontational style, to encourage the insight and increase the energy. As a result, you will have tools to deal with challenges, you will understand yourself better and will be able to live in a more meaningful way.

I have experience in working within these areas:


Couple relationships;

Relationship conflicts;

Depression (prolonged sadness);


Panic attacks;


Emotionally/physically abusive or emotionally distant parents;

Low self-esteem;



Learning to say “no”;

Improving your well-being.

It might be difficult to take first steps to go to a psychologist. You need motivation not only to come to a session, but also to be involved in a process of exploring the reasons and finding the solutions. In a confidential environment, you can do it in your own pace.