Psychotherapy for Children

Children sometimes suffer from emotional, behavioral or social challenges. To prevent these difficulties becoming serious problems it is important to notice what is going on with the child. When difficulties are not solvable or they remain for a longer time, it is advisable to contact a psychologist.

I work with children who struggle with:

social challenges (e.g. has difficulties making friends);

emotional challenges (e.g. difficulties managing anger, expressing emotions; experiences fears);

behavioral challenges (e.g. becomes aggressive at school or/and at home);



prolonged sadness;

low self-esteem;

loss and grief (e.g. the loss of a loved one; parents’ divorce);

adaptation difficulties.

Most children are not yet capable to dig deep into their emotional part of personality but they are able to express their emotions and to work with these emotions through play. My psychotherapy work involves sand play. I have followed specialized training on this method,  which is based on Violet Oaklander‘s approach.