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How to keep the minority language?

In Brussels you can probably find any language you want. It is crazy when instead of greeting serving personnel asks „Nederlands? English? Francais?“ In case our native language is not one of these, how do we keep it and make sure that our children know this language very well? I will call this language the minority language – language which is different from the main environment’s language. After reading a book* on this, I think I understand the main principles. The main main principles are actually two: Exposure. The basics… Read more How to keep the minority language?

Where to find motivation to go to school?

Some children do not want or even hate going to school simply because they are constantly being told what to do (e.g. to study a particular subject this particular hour) or are not allowed to do something that they would love (e.g. to leave school’s territory). They even feel like in a prison. Some parents accept their children’s whining as a norm and say that “I have to work. You have to study. It is your work”. It is your prison. For twelve years. Other parents worry and look for… Read more Where to find motivation to go to school?

What to do to prepare for your anger moments?

One of the most frequent parents’ questions is what to do when they are in the heat of an anger with their children, when, it seems, rational mind does not work anymore, when they just want to scream or even worse, to hit their precious child. It seems there is not much they can do with their children when being angry. Similarly, as with angry children, parents cannot really solve difficulties at the heat of the moment. So better just retreat, just try to calm down. Here are three useful… Read more What to do to prepare for your anger moments?